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Important Disclosure regarding Conflict of Interest

  • All participants in the CFA Institute Research Challenge, including Hosts, Teams, Team Members, Mentors, Faculty Advisors, Judges and Graders have an obligation to avoid actual or potential conflicts of interest with their participation. A conflict of interest may exist when a participant or a participant’s family member or close friend is involved in activities that may impact the participant’s ability to perform their role fairly and impartially. A conflict may be actual or perceived. To avoid any actual or perceived conflicts of interest, each participant must disclose to CFA Institute in writing any potential conflicts, including but not limited to any ownership interest in the Subject Company and any close personal or professional relationships with employees at the Subject Company. Judges and Graders must further disclose any close personal or professional relationship with Team Members, Mentors or Faculty Advisors

Research Challenge Terms

  • Faculty Advisors - the professor employed by the Team's university that provides guidance and direction to the Team throughout all levels of competition.
  • Graders – the individuals selected by the Host (IAIP) to evaluate the Written Reports.
  • Judges – the individuals selected by the Host (IAIP) to evaluate the Presentations.
  • Host – the CFA Institute India Society (IAIP), CFA Institute or CFA Institute approved third-party responsible for sponsoring either the local level, regional level or global level of the CFA Institute Research Challenge.
  • Mentors - the CFA Charterholder that is assigned to the Team by the Host (IAIP) to review the Team’s Written Report and provide critique of the Presentation.
  • Participants - Facutly Advisors, Graders, Judges, Mentors, and Team Members involved in the CFA Institute Research Challenge.
  • Presentation - ten minute oral and visual presentation prepared by the Team.
  • Subject Company - the company assigned by the Host to the Team as the basis for the Written Report and Presentation.
  • Team - three to five undergraduate or graduate students that produce the Written Report and the Presentation.
  • Team Member - one of the three to five students comprising the Team.
  • Written Report - the written research report on the Subject Company prepared by the Team.