Presentation deadlines would be as follows:

Zone 1 & 2: 6th December 2018, 5 pm

Zone 3 & 4: 5th December 2018, 5 pm


Please refer presentation rules:

2.7 Presentations

Each team may make a presentation of their findings to a panel of judges.  

a. Teams may utilize their industry mentor and/or faculty advisor as a resource for guidance, direction, suggestions, and feedback. Teams may not enlist the help of any other person who has ever been employed as an investment management professional or finance faculty member in preparing content or evaluating the presentation (including, but not limited to, mock judging panels).  

b. Teams may utilize presentation coaches or other public-speaking resources as long as those resources do not contribute to the content of the presentation.

c. The teams may not hand the judges any printed materials before or after the presentations, but the local host can print out the presentation slides for each team and distribute to the judges before the event.

d. Teams may not use props in their presentation.9

e. Presentations must include source information.

f. Only student team members may participate in the presentation. Subject to the limitations of these rules, teams are free to structure their presentations as they wish. However, presentations at the Regional and Global Levels must be in the English language.  

g. The presentation is limited to 10 minutes; however, an additional 10 minutes will be provided to answer questions posed by the judges. Only judges are permitted to pose questions to a team during the Q&A portion of a presentation.

h. Each presentation will be timed.  The timekeeper will provide a one-minute warning and an announcement when time has expired during the presentation. The timekeeper will announce when time has expired during the question and answer period. When the timekeeper announces that time has expired, teams must immediately conclude.

i. Presentations will be judged according to Appendix D, “Presentation Scoring Sheet.” 


(Note: 8Hosts may impose penalties for late submissions. Penalties may include, but are not limited to, point deductions or disqualification from the competition. The decision to impose penalties and the extent of those penalties is at the discretion of the host. 9A prop is defined as an object used by students to enhance or illustrate an aspect of the team presentation.)