We request all team members to adhere to the following guidelines while communicating with us to enable us to answer your queries effectively and quickly.

  • Email Subject line: Use Email subject line as: Zone Name - College Name: Query Subject. Know your Zone participating team.
  • Mobile no: Always mention mobile no for the team leader and an alternate number of any team member in the email
  • CC Email to Team: Please keep all team members (primary as well as secondary email address) , Faculty advisor in CC in every email chain to avoid communication gaps and to keep transparency.
  • Domain Issues: We have observed emails delivery failure from lot of college domains due to server issue, mail storage issues and other technical matters. Request all of you to use your personal email-ids in case you are aware of such domain issues and keep checking the website for updated announcements.


  • We request you to please add and to your safe sender list BEFORE you register on our website. ( You may miss timely communication If you won’t do)
  • Please keep a check to your spam/junk email folders
  • We request you to please read through the emails thoroughly once you get them – *we often overlook the instructions listed in the emails.

Email subscription: All students are requested to subscribe to the following email announcement list with their college as well as personal email-id in order to avoid delays in receiving information (Except urgent matters every information will be shared via announcements hence subscription to below is MUST):​Right bottom​ corner ​with +Follow sign)

We do not email each team individually and we do not take any responsibility for missed deadlines.

For questions, email